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November 22, 2015 at 3:44 AM in Health and Fitness

Well since you have already taken it upon yourself to search for a comparison between these two magnificent exercising machines, I need not to pursue you about the advantages of exercising. Whether you are choosing between the different machines at the gym or lost in the dilemma which one to buy as an alternate for jogging or cycling outside. Basically exercising bikes are designed to provide you with intense or mild cardiovascular sessions that while also maintaining a congenial posture. of course in combination with a healthy diet. As you might have seen there are many types of exercise bikes available but the two main or essential kinds would be recumbent and upright exercise bikes. Upright bikes are conventional and have always existed in gyms as an essential requirement while a new evolution has emerged in the face of recumbent bikes providing users with a choice. This article will compare between these two bikes weighing their benefits and drawbacks which would help you in making this polemic decision.

Upright Exercise Bikes

As the fact is well known that upright bikes are conventional and exist in every gym which means they have been through more advances and upgrades than the recumbent bikes. Another reason that people tend to procure upright bikes is that they are a lot cheaper than the recumbent bikes and they don’t occupy as much space as the recumbent bikes as well so the people who are on a tight budget and space, this becomes a great option since they can also be folded. When we judge from the aspects of working out, upright bikes are less confining, offer a lot more flexibility and provide you with a great upright exercise. You don’t need to stay seated as on the recumbent bikes, you can also stand up and paddle as if riding a real bike. The incontrovertible fact here is that the upright bikes are as much as uncomfortable as real bikes because of the seat and the posture which can also lead to back pain. Since upright bikes require less space, they have acute center of gravity which makes them more unstable than the recumbent bikes.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

One of the most dreadful drawbacks of upright back in back pain which is suffered elderly or people with chronic back pain. This plight is eliminated by recumbent bikes since they offer a seat that provides the posture you would assume while sitting in a chair, so if you feel uncomfortable while working on the upright bikes, this is the choice for you. You don’t have to go into slouched position that you have to while working out on the upright bike. Even though there is some controversy about the efficiency of the recumbent bikes, this conjecture is rather false because as far as the number of calories burned are concerned, it will be the same on both bikes. Recumbent bikes also offer you more freedom because of the posture, you are free to do anything since your hands are free which allows you to watch T.V, read newspaper or play games.

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