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October 30, 2015 at 4:49 AM in Hobby and DIY

By this time, we all have realized that 3d printing technology is revolutionary and it will not just change the world of manufacturing or rapid prototyping, but it will completely alter our perspective because this technology not only breaches the boundaries of impossibilities but it also drags them into reach. 3d printing was supposed to be the a technology of the future but it seems like that the future is coming faster than expected, not a week goes by without thrilling and amusing news about the achievements of 3d printing spreading like wildfire over the internet.

Even though this all is amazingly real, it still sounds like some fantasy out of Star Trek. The ship’s gadget that could produce anything seems like to be an ultimate imagination but scientists are already developing a 3d printer at NASA that could synthesize food, spare parts and tools that could aid in long missions. After such possibilities, it’s not a surprise that this technology will take over the whole world in the near future. We will possibly be spectating whole plans being built with the use of 3d printers from lady3d.com or respectable companies like Makerbot. This cutting edge technology has existed for around 30 years now but the recent vigorous and quick advances are the reason of all the stirring it has caused on the internet. Here are the top 3 amazing products of 3d printing that have become a subject of speculation and amusement.

1. Implants

The internet has been overflowing with news of 3d printed arms and legs which are really cheap when compared to the conventional ones. This not only makes 3d printing a crucial technology in the field of medicine but it also makes it a miracle for those who couldn’t afford them before. 3d printing is so intricate yet so filled possibilities that it can produce such human implants that have never been produced or tried before. Recently a teenage girl who was too young for the traditional radiation treatment for her bone cancer was implanted with a 3d printed pelvic. Dr. Shen Tongya was the one who performed this miracle for that little girl, not only this procedure took less time, but the patient also recovered faster than the other patients who went through the same surgery.

2. 3d Printed Drones

A 3d printed drone was recently found soaring through the skies of sea. Launched off a British warship, this plane has also breached a new horizon that such planes can be produced right at sea. The researchers reveal that the experiment was a success and that the plane flew for almost 500 feet and ended its flight on a beach in Dorset.’

3. Human Stem Cells

Even though the probability of this breakthrough being implemented in practical life is highly improbably for a substantial amount of time to come, but scientists successfully produced stem cells using a special purpose 3d printer. This printer is specially designed to be tender and able of producing 5 stem cells at a time without inflicting them any damage. The ultimate aim of creating such cells is to grow complete organs which is yet not a reality.

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