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March 31, 2016 at 4:46 AM in Health and Fitness

So one of your favorite artists is coming to town for a concert and you just can’t wait ‘til you see them live. You already purchased tickets and you’re waiting for the big day! If you’re a frequent concert goer, then you probably already know what to do and what to expect so that you can have the best time ever. However, if it’s your first time to attend a concert or you’ve been only to a few and you want to make most out of this one, you need to prepare. Here are 7 things that should be on your checklist to ensure your convenience so that you can just enjoy the fun and excitement.


  1. Do your research about the artist/s (even if you already know them).
    Usually, if it’s your favorite artist, you already know what to expect. However, if you’re attending a concert of someone or a band you’re not an expert about, then you should do your research… even if you already know them. It’s always more fun if you can sing along to their playlist and it won’t hurt if you know how they are live. You might just love their CD but if you look on concert reviews, they’re not that good live after all.Know what to expect.
  2. Know what to expect.
    Check ticket sales and find out whether a hundred or 5,000 people are attending the concert. check the time, the concert starts. You might have to wake up early because the ride is pretty long and you need to prepare.Find out if you should bring a car and if there’s enough parking space or if is a better idea to just get an Uber ride. Find out the right entrance door and if there’s a decent toilet in the area—if you’re not comfortable with portable toilets, then be prepared and expect for the worst especially if the concert will be held outdoors.
  3. Plan your outfit.
    More than just looking pretty or dashing during the night of the concert, you need to be comfortable too. Maybe it’s a better idea to ditch those stilettos and settle for flats or sneakers especially if you’ll be walking a lot or standing up the entire time.
  4. Start working out.
    Your outfit will look even more amazing on you if you’re fit. You also need to be healthy and strong enough too to withstand hours of having to stand up and squeeze through the crowd to get to the front. Indoor Ellipticals will assist you to get on that elliptical machine and have a full body workout days before the concert!
  5. Know the rules.
    Find out whether cameras are allowed because if not, don’t bring yours otherwise you would have to surrender it and risk getting it lost. Some concerts also don’t allow lighters, pepper spray, canned or bottled drinks, etc. Know all the rules and don’t attempt to break them unless you want to get kicked out.
  6. Your bag, if you’re bringing one, is an important factor.
    Your bag should be something that’s convenient to carry. A sling bag is a good idea because you can keep it in front of you and you have two free hands.
  7. Eat before heading to the concert.
    You don’t want to faint during a concert. Not only will you miss the best parts, you will also attract too much embarrassing attention. Eat enough so you would last through the night.





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