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August 18, 2016 at 3:07 AM in Hobby and DIY

Weddings are costly. Especially if you choose to get married in a church, which means holding the ceremony in one place and the reception in another, then expect more expenses to pile up. Whether or not you opt for a simple or grand wedding, keep in mind that the amount of money you spend doesn’t matter. The most important part of this wedding is that you’re finally getting united with the love of your life. So if there are some ways for you to save, just do it. After all, you can use all that extra money for a nice and luxurious honeymoon or to jumpstart your life as a brand new married couple. Speaking of saving money, here are things you can DIY for your wedding.

    • Souvenirs

    • This is quite easy especially if you have the time. You can ask your friends to help you out especially if you’re preparing a lot of souvenirs. You can DIY anything from scented candles to soaps to mints to cupcakes and more.
    • Customizing your wedding gown

    • Wedding gowns are so expensive especially if you have one custom-made for the bride. Save money by looking for a ready to wear gown. Keep it simple and just customize it on your own after making the purchase. You can add all the lace and the beads - just be creative!
    • Your headdress

    • Instead of buying a hundred dollar headdress, you can actually make this on your own. You can buy clips or beads and glue them together creatively. You can even opt for flowers for a prettier touch.
    • Customizing your shoes

    • You can also buy simpler shoes or remake a pair of sandals that you barely wore. Just like your dress, you can add lace and beads and glitter or anything that you wish.
    • Your bridal bouquet and flowers for the entourage

    • It is quite surprising how bridal bouquets are way more expensive that when you’re just purchasing the same kind of flowers but on a regular bouquet. With that being said, just get the simple bouquet and decorate it yourself. You can even

explore other options

        such as artificial flowers and paper flowers.
      • Invitations

      • You don’t have to be an expert graphic artist to create your own wedding invitations. There are thousands of ready-made templates you can use online. You can even draw your design on paper and have the printing company turn your design into digital. Even better, use your own home printer and just add personal touches to it.
      • Your hair and makeup

      • Another expensive part of marriage - the bride’s hair and makeup. This isn’t easy because you want something that’s so beautiful and will last the entire day. Prior to your wedding, experiment on makeup and hair styles because you can easily save a few hundred dollars if you do this yourself. Using your curling iron, you can come up with a million different hairstyles depending on your preference. Use your curling iron every day and try out all the styles you like until you find the perfect one.
      • Wedding photography

      Finding the right photographer to document your special day, isn't easy. However, if you want to stand out and really make something extraordinary, you can choose to purchase a quadcopter and use it for photography from up in the sky, down on your venue. That's

a great idea

      if you have your wedding outdoors. Ask some friends to try it out first and than let them do the photo shooting during the day, with the quadcopter, and let everyone else make photo's during the day. See


    for more ideas.
  • Desserts

  • Bake cupcakes, jar cakes, cookies and so much more the day before your wedding. Just store them properly and they will still be fresh the next day.
  • Table centerpieces

  • Whether you’re opting for fresh flowers or something unique such as books or picture frames, you can save money from hefty venue designer fees by creating your own table centerpieces.

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