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December 5, 2015 at 8:14 AM in Home and Garden

Whether you are planning to buy or rent an apartment, there are many things to take into consideration. Unless you plan to stay short term, you need to find one that would perfectly suit your needs. After all, you’ll be spending so many hours in your apartment each day and you will probably be there for more than just a few months or even years. If you are moving to a new apartment soon and you’re looking for the right one for you, here are some factors that you must consider:

  1. The Price Should Be Right

    When you go shopping for an apartment to buy or rent, the price is probably the first thing that you should consider. Check on the deposits and fees you need to pay upfront and the monthly rent or mortgage. Is it worth it? Does it fall under the right value of real estate in that area? Is it worth the amenities and features it offers? Once you get into a contract, there’s probably no turning back. If you signed a 1-year deal with your landlord and find that the apartment complex right across the cheap could have easily saved you a hundred dollars per month, there’s nothing you can do anymore but wait for your contract to end.

  2. The Size of the Apartment Unit

    Size does matter. If you could only afford a really small apartment, at least make sure that there’s space for everything you need such as a kitchen, living area, bedroom and a nice bathroom. A separate toilet is an extra feature. At Sanitation Ventures you'll find reviews en information on toilets, bidets and washlets to choose from.

  3. Fully Furnished or Bare Apartment

    Fully furnished apartments are obviously more expensive than bare apartments. You have to realize though that if there is already furniture in your apartment, you can be charged with every little “accident” you may have such as wine spilled on the sofa or a stain on the carpet. When you have a bare apartment, you can start investing on things that you can take with you when you finally move into your own home.

  4. Clean and Spacious Bathroom

    If a bath tub doesn’t matter to you, at least a nice shower would be good. A one-piece toilet ( see: http://www.sanitationventures.com/toto-ms964214cefg-01-eco-soiree/ would be a great space saving feature too. One-piece toilets also help in conserving water and these are easier to clean.

  5. Utilities and Fees You Have to Pay on Top of the Rent

    Do you have your own water and electricity meter? Are there any association dues? Do you have to pay for any compulsory amenities such as trash collection or apartment building maintenance? All these you need to ask the landlord before deciding if that’s the right apartment for you.

  6. Location

    Finally, you need to decide whether the location of this apartment would be good for you. If you found a nice and affordable apartment but you need to drive for an hour before you can get to your office, the money you will save will probably just go to gas.

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