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Nine Things You Can DIY for Your Wedding Day

Weddings are costly. Especially if you choose to get married in a church, which means holding the ceremony in one place and the reception in another, then expect more expenses to pile up. Whether or not you opt for a simple or grand wedding, keep in mind that the amount of money you spend doesn’t matter. The most important part of this wedding is that you’re finally getting united with the love of your life. So if there are some ways for you to save, just do it. After all, you can use all that extra money for a nice and luxurious honeymoon or to jumpstart your life as a brand new married couple. Speaking of saving money, here are things you can DIY for your wedding.

    • Souvenirs

    • This is quite easy especially if you have the time. You can ask your friends to help you out especially if you’re preparing a lot of souvenirs. You can DIY anything from scented candles to soaps to mints to cupcakes and more.
    • Customizing your wedding gown

    • Wedding gowns are so expensive especially if you have one custom-made for the bride. Save money by looking for a ready to wear gown. Keep it simple and just customize it on your own after making the purchase. You can add all the lace and the beads - just be creative!
    • Your headdress

    • Instead of buying a hundred dollar headdress, you can actually make this on your own. You can buy clips or beads and glue them together creatively. You can even opt for flowers for a prettier touch.
    • Customizing your shoes

    • You can also buy simpler shoes or remake a pair of sandals that you barely wore. Just like your dress, you can add lace and beads and glitter or anything that you wish.
    • Your bridal bouquet and flowers for the entourage

    • It is quite surprising how bridal bouquets are way more expensive that when you’re just purchasing the same kind of flowers but on a regular bouquet. With that being said, just get the simple bouquet and decorate it yourself. You can even

explore other options

        such as artificial flowers and paper flowers.
      • Invitations

      • You don’t have to be an expert graphic artist to create your own wedding invitations. There are thousands of ready-made templates you can use online. You can even draw your design on paper and have the printing company turn your design into digital. Even better, use your own home printer and just add personal touches to it.
      • Your hair and makeup

      • Another expensive part of marriage - the bride’s hair and makeup. This isn’t easy because you want something that’s so beautiful and will last the entire day. Prior to your wedding, experiment on makeup and hair styles because you can easily save a few hundred dollars if you do this yourself. Using your curling iron, you can come up with a million different hairstyles depending on your preference. Use your curling iron every day and try out all the styles you like until you find the perfect one.
      • Wedding photography

      Finding the right photographer to document your special day, isn't easy. However, if you want to stand out and really make something extraordinary, you can choose to purchase a quadcopter and use it for photography from up in the sky, down on your venue. That's

a great idea

      if you have your wedding outdoors. Ask some friends to try it out first and than let them do the photo shooting during the day, with the quadcopter, and let everyone else make photo's during the day. See


    for more ideas.
  • Desserts

  • Bake cupcakes, jar cakes, cookies and so much more the day before your wedding. Just store them properly and they will still be fresh the next day.
  • Table centerpieces

  • Whether you’re opting for fresh flowers or something unique such as books or picture frames, you can save money from hefty venue designer fees by creating your own table centerpieces.

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How to Remodel Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is a special place in any home. This is where family meals are cooked and many beautiful memories are created. For many homeowners, time spent in the kitchen is probably close to the time spent in other areas of the house – of course, meals are cooked thrice daily, snacks are prepared in between meals, etc. There are also many kitchens with breakfast tables and bar counters and if that is the case then there’s more reason to spend time in the kitchen. Because of this, the kitchen should be kept clean, well-maintained and as beautiful as other areas of the house. If you are thinking twice about remodeling your kitchen just because it costs a lot of money, worry no more because there are many ways to remodel while on a budget.

Do Your Own Research

One huge expense when remodeling a kitchen is when you choose to hire an interior designer. Unless you have so much money to spend, then go ahead and hire a designer to help you remodel this area in your home. If you want to save money that you can spend on other things, it is best to do your own research. There are so many magazines and books that will help you come up with great ideas of kitchen themes and layouts. Better yet, check the internet. Google and Pinterest are free to use and there are endless choices you can get inspiration from.

Identify What Goes and What Stays

Keep in mind that you are remodeling you kitchen – this means you are aiming for a whole new look. You don’t have to get rid of everything that’s in your kitchen but you should identify what goes and what stays. Perhaps the stove or oven can still stay and the cabinets and drawers are okay. You can opt to repaint cabinets instead and change their handles. You can also remove the tiles and have them replaced with new ones or other material such as granite or wood or concrete. Is the kitchen faucet still functional or would you rather replace it with a newer one? The things you decide to let go of can instead be donated or you can hold a garage sale to sell these items.

Get Quotations from Several Suppliers

There are one-stop businesses that offer all kinds of services when you’re remodeling a part of your house. These businesses can also offer only one service or another. Find out who these suppliers and contractors are and get quotations on how much it will cost if they do everything for you or if they provide only one service. Of course, you also have to check the suppliers’ reputation and previous work because they might offer you very cheap service but in the long run, you will have to spend more money because the quality of their work is poor. Make sure to weigh your options. Kitchen remodeling is an investment and what you spend for today should be durable enough so that it can last for many years to come.

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Seven Preparation Tips Before Attending a Concert

So one of your favorite artists is coming to town for a concert and you just can’t wait ‘til you see them live. You already purchased tickets and you’re waiting for the big day! If you’re a frequent concert goer, then you probably already know what to do and what to expect so that you can have the best time ever. However, if it’s your first time to attend a concert or you’ve been only to a few and you want to make most out of this one, you need to prepare. Here are 7 things that should be on your checklist to ensure your convenience so that you can just enjoy the fun and excitement.


  1. Do your research about the artist/s (even if you already know them).
    Usually, if it’s your favorite artist, you already know what to expect. However, if you’re attending a concert of someone or a band you’re not an expert about, then you should do your research… even if you already know them. It’s always more fun if you can sing along to their playlist and it won’t hurt if you know how they are live. You might just love their CD but if you look on concert reviews, they’re not that good live after all.Know what to expect.
  2. Know what to expect.
    Check ticket sales and find out whether a hundred or 5,000 people are attending the concert. check the time, the concert starts. You might have to wake up early because the ride is pretty long and you need to prepare.Find out if you should bring a car and if there’s enough parking space or if is a better idea to just get an Uber ride. Find out the right entrance door and if there’s a decent toilet in the area—if you’re not comfortable with portable toilets, then be prepared and expect for the worst especially if the concert will be held outdoors.
  3. Plan your outfit.
    More than just looking pretty or dashing during the night of the concert, you need to be comfortable too. Maybe it’s a better idea to ditch those stilettos and settle for flats or sneakers especially if you’ll be walking a lot or standing up the entire time.
  4. Start working out.
    Your outfit will look even more amazing on you if you’re fit. You also need to be healthy and strong enough too to withstand hours of having to stand up and squeeze through the crowd to get to the front. Indoor Ellipticals will assist you to get on that elliptical machine and have a full body workout days before the concert!
  5. Know the rules.
    Find out whether cameras are allowed because if not, don’t bring yours otherwise you would have to surrender it and risk getting it lost. Some concerts also don’t allow lighters, pepper spray, canned or bottled drinks, etc. Know all the rules and don’t attempt to break them unless you want to get kicked out.
  6. Your bag, if you’re bringing one, is an important factor.
    Your bag should be something that’s convenient to carry. A sling bag is a good idea because you can keep it in front of you and you have two free hands.
  7. Eat before heading to the concert.
    You don’t want to faint during a concert. Not only will you miss the best parts, you will also attract too much embarrassing attention. Eat enough so you would last through the night.





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Why Waking Up an Hour Early Could Be Great for You

“The early bird gets the worm”—you probably heard this line way too many times because it is important and it is true. While everyone is still asleep, you are already starting your day. Others might say that they’d rather miss breakfast or they’d just brush their hair and put their makeup on in traffic instead of losing a few more minutes of sleep. Yes, sleep is very important. However, if you already have 7 or 8 hours of sleep, this should be enough to keep you energized for the brand new day ahead. There probably won’t even be an argument about this — waking up an hour early would definitely be great for you.Starting early means finishing early


  1. Starting early means finishing early
    A perfect start for your day means you won’t have to rush doing things. Rushing can lead to errors or you missing out on other important things to do. If you start early, you don’t have to run around trying to finish everything with your 16-hour waking time. You will still have a lot of time at the end of the day to do more important things such as give quality time to your family. At work, you won’t have to go on overtime again if you start working earlier. An hour of preparation before going to work vs. 2 hours of preparation can do many things for you—by the time you actually sit on your desk, you are more alert and focused so productivity increases too.
  2. You have time to prepare in the morning
    You have time to think and plan your day ahead. You can even prepare a nice packed lunch so that you won’t have to settle for fast food once again.You can look more presentable and impressive
  3. You can look more presentable and impressive
    You have all the time to mix and match clothing and even wear makeup. You can even spend at least 10 minutes with your hair dryer so you style your hair. You must get a good hair dryer though so that it wouldn’t take a lot of time to produce such a nice effect. Other hair dryers could also damage your hair if you’re using it daily. To make sure you use the right hair dryer, or for those who need a ( new ) hair dryer; Oomphed knows everything about hair and dryers that might ease your choice. Remember that your appearance can do as much to impress as your skills.
  4. You can still exercise
    Exercise is very important not only to stay fit but to stay healthy as well. Doing a few stretches or even spending a few minutes on the home trainer in the morning will be the best way to wake yourself up and be more alert the rest of the day.
  5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
    Finally, you have time to cook and eat breakfast. A lot of people exchange pressing that snooze button for a nice breakfast. You opt to drive through at Starbucks or just miss breakfast altogether and settle for brunch. Remember that breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day and with just a heavy breakfast in the morning, you can have lighter meals throughout the day.


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How to Choose the Perfect Apartment for Gaming

Whether you are planning to buy or rent an apartment, there are many things to take into consideration. Unless you plan to stay short term, you need to find one that would perfectly suit your needs. After all, you’ll be spending so many hours in your apartment each day and you will probably be there for more than just a few months or even years. If you are moving to a new apartment soon and you’re looking for the right one for you, here are some factors that you must consider:

  1. The Price Should Be Right

    When you go shopping for an apartment to buy or rent, the price is probably the first thing that you should consider. Check on the deposits and fees you need to pay upfront and the monthly rent or mortgage. Is it worth it? Does it fall under the right value of real estate in that area? Is it worth the amenities and features it offers? Once you get into a contract, there’s probably no turning back. If you signed a 1-year deal with your landlord and find that the apartment complex right across the cheap could have easily saved you a hundred dollars per month, there’s nothing you can do anymore but wait for your contract to end.

  2. The Size of the Apartment Unit

    Size does matter. If you could only afford a really small apartment, at least make sure that there’s space for everything you need such as a kitchen, living area, bedroom and a nice bathroom. A separate toilet is an extra feature. At Sanitation Ventures you'll find reviews en information on toilets, bidets and washlets to choose from.

  3. Fully Furnished or Bare Apartment

    Fully furnished apartments are obviously more expensive than bare apartments. You have to realize though that if there is already furniture in your apartment, you can be charged with every little “accident” you may have such as wine spilled on the sofa or a stain on the carpet. When you have a bare apartment, you can start investing on things that you can take with you when you finally move into your own home.

  4. Clean and Spacious Bathroom

    If a bath tub doesn’t matter to you, at least a nice shower would be good. A one-piece toilet ( see: http://www.sanitationventures.com/toto-ms964214cefg-01-eco-soiree/ would be a great space saving feature too. One-piece toilets also help in conserving water and these are easier to clean.

  5. Utilities and Fees You Have to Pay on Top of the Rent

    Do you have your own water and electricity meter? Are there any association dues? Do you have to pay for any compulsory amenities such as trash collection or apartment building maintenance? All these you need to ask the landlord before deciding if that’s the right apartment for you.

  6. Location

    Finally, you need to decide whether the location of this apartment would be good for you. If you found a nice and affordable apartment but you need to drive for an hour before you can get to your office, the money you will save will probably just go to gas.

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Upright Vs Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Home Training

Well since you have already taken it upon yourself to search for a comparison between these two magnificent exercising machines, I need not to pursue you about the advantages of exercising. Whether you are choosing between the different machines at the gym or lost in the dilemma which one to buy as an alternate for jogging or cycling outside. Basically exercising bikes are designed to provide you with intense or mild cardiovascular sessions that while also maintaining a congenial posture. of course in combination with a healthy diet. As you might have seen there are many types of exercise bikes available but the two main or essential kinds would be recumbent and upright exercise bikes. Upright bikes are conventional and have always existed in gyms as an essential requirement while a new evolution has emerged in the face of recumbent bikes providing users with a choice. This article will compare between these two bikes weighing their benefits and drawbacks which would help you in making this polemic decision.

Upright Exercise Bikes

As the fact is well known that upright bikes are conventional and exist in every gym which means they have been through more advances and upgrades than the recumbent bikes. Another reason that people tend to procure upright bikes is that they are a lot cheaper than the recumbent bikes and they don’t occupy as much space as the recumbent bikes as well so the people who are on a tight budget and space, this becomes a great option since they can also be folded. When we judge from the aspects of working out, upright bikes are less confining, offer a lot more flexibility and provide you with a great upright exercise. You don’t need to stay seated as on the recumbent bikes, you can also stand up and paddle as if riding a real bike. The incontrovertible fact here is that the upright bikes are as much as uncomfortable as real bikes because of the seat and the posture which can also lead to back pain. Since upright bikes require less space, they have acute center of gravity which makes them more unstable than the recumbent bikes.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

One of the most dreadful drawbacks of upright back in back pain which is suffered elderly or people with chronic back pain. This plight is eliminated by recumbent bikes since they offer a seat that provides the posture you would assume while sitting in a chair, so if you feel uncomfortable while working on the upright bikes, this is the choice for you. You don’t have to go into slouched position that you have to while working out on the upright bike. Even though there is some controversy about the efficiency of the recumbent bikes, this conjecture is rather false because as far as the number of calories burned are concerned, it will be the same on both bikes. Recumbent bikes also offer you more freedom because of the posture, you are free to do anything since your hands are free which allows you to watch T.V, read newspaper or play games.

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What Are the Biggest Things that Cost You the Most in Your House

We are the beings that evolved from homo sapiens into the social and cultural beings we are today and during this procedure, we realized somewhere along they we that we just can’t keep living outside in the open and that we are perfectly capable of constructing buildings that are capable of housing people and prove them the shelter needed and we started calling these buildings as our homes. We make our safe haven as much comfortable as possible but that costs us and that cost is paid on money, something that certainly doesn’t grow on trees so then we are thwarted by the question that how can we utilize our money in the most efficient way. Well the most probable answer is saving it where it can be but figuring out where it can be saved or not and where it’s worth spending can be a great dilemma. Our home needs a lot of resources that cost us and knowing where we can save money can become a bliss. For instants pulling the plugs regularly on kitchen appliances or other machines in the house might be a simple but usefull thing to do. The following content will help you realize where your money is spent and how can it be saved in the long run by making smart investments.

Devouring Energy

Energy is essential to everyone that dwells in these contemporary times because everything you operate demands energy and the most common form of energy we utilize is electricity and we all know that it isn’t cheap. Most of the electricity in our house is utilized by our air conditioning system and a lot of it is wasted because one can never be too perfect at controlling the thermostat manually but there has been a major breakthrough that has become a blessing for the people who feel that a lot of their money is wasted because of their thermostat. At Thermostat Center, we found something called the Nest Thermostat which is the first ever thermostat capable of self-learning and developing a behavior based upon algorithm and sensors, it knows at what times you are home and when you aren’t, it anticipates your comfort range based upon the settings you use and using all this data, it devises temperature control according to your life style. This means that you don’t have to worry about turning off the thermostat every time you go out.

Water and Gas

The other two resources that are limited on our planet and essential for us are water and gas which are used extensively around an average house at daily basis and both of these can contribute to your bills substantially which makes them also a point to focus on. If you plan on renovating your bathroom or the taps and sinks around the house, then you can consider spending in low flow faucets, shows and even toilet flushes because they will give you the same performance while also saving you money. We also use gas in our ovens and sometimes in stoves as well, while gas ovens can’t be replaced, one can easily replace gas ovens with electric or induction cooktops. More Information: http://www.thermostatcenter.com/nest-learning-thermostat/ http://www.intertek.com/exploration-production/support/oil-gas-water-analysis/

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Three Amazing Examples of 3d-Printing Possibilities

By this time, we all have realized that 3d printing technology is revolutionary and it will not just change the world of manufacturing or rapid prototyping, but it will completely alter our perspective because this technology not only breaches the boundaries of impossibilities but it also drags them into reach. 3d printing was supposed to be the a technology of the future but it seems like that the future is coming faster than expected, not a week goes by without thrilling and amusing news about the achievements of 3d printing spreading like wildfire over the internet.

Even though this all is amazingly real, it still sounds like some fantasy out of Star Trek. The ship’s gadget that could produce anything seems like to be an ultimate imagination but scientists are already developing a 3d printer at NASA that could synthesize food, spare parts and tools that could aid in long missions. After such possibilities, it’s not a surprise that this technology will take over the whole world in the near future. We will possibly be spectating whole plans being built with the use of 3d printers from lady3d.com or respectable companies like Makerbot. This cutting edge technology has existed for around 30 years now but the recent vigorous and quick advances are the reason of all the stirring it has caused on the internet. Here are the top 3 amazing products of 3d printing that have become a subject of speculation and amusement.

1. Implants

The internet has been overflowing with news of 3d printed arms and legs which are really cheap when compared to the conventional ones. This not only makes 3d printing a crucial technology in the field of medicine but it also makes it a miracle for those who couldn’t afford them before. 3d printing is so intricate yet so filled possibilities that it can produce such human implants that have never been produced or tried before. Recently a teenage girl who was too young for the traditional radiation treatment for her bone cancer was implanted with a 3d printed pelvic. Dr. Shen Tongya was the one who performed this miracle for that little girl, not only this procedure took less time, but the patient also recovered faster than the other patients who went through the same surgery.

2. 3d Printed Drones

A 3d printed drone was recently found soaring through the skies of sea. Launched off a British warship, this plane has also breached a new horizon that such planes can be produced right at sea. The researchers reveal that the experiment was a success and that the plane flew for almost 500 feet and ended its flight on a beach in Dorset.’

3. Human Stem Cells

Even though the probability of this breakthrough being implemented in practical life is highly improbably for a substantial amount of time to come, but scientists successfully produced stem cells using a special purpose 3d printer. This printer is specially designed to be tender and able of producing 5 stem cells at a time without inflicting them any damage. The ultimate aim of creating such cells is to grow complete organs which is yet not a reality.

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How Food Processors can Help you Live a Better and Healthier Life

Among the basic human needs, food tops the list as the most essential. It is perhaps one of the reasons why there are thousands of products tailored for the food industry. Among these products are the food processors. Thanks to technological advancements, there are various food processors available ranging from humongous industrial food processors to mini food processing devices. The debate has raged on whether food processing is healthy or not. The fact, however, remains that having a food processor provides many health benefits and improves daily living, plus it's perfect for processing vegetables and other foodstuff. The following are just but a few ways through which the devices do that.

1. Provides healthy nutritional diets

As people are becoming more conscious of healthy living, they become more mindful of their diet and lifestyles. Many are switching to plant-based organic foods such as grains, veggies and fruits as these diets offer many health benefits. However, some of these foods need further processing before inclusion into diets. For instance, the veggies might need slicing into smaller bits while the fruits might need the juice extracted from them. Having a food processing device such as a blender or juicer would be handy in such a situation. One can easily extract the vitamins and nutrients essential for healthy body growth, from the organic foods, thanks to the food processing devices.

2. Helps to save time and energy

It is not fallacious to claim that most if not all people know the benefits of having a healthy meal, here at of Light and Shadow we certainly do. The excuse however for most people is that making such a meal not only takes time but energy as well. The foods would need chopping, slicing and at times even peeling and squeezing. Such activities without a doubt consume time. Time wasting is a luxury that many cannot afford especially in this fast paced life. The great news is that by investing in a food processor, life in the kitchen becomes easier. Within a short span of time, one can prepare the nutritious lip-smacking meal that they want, without spending too much time or energy in the kitchen. They, therefore, have more free time to go about other productive activities.

3. Provides peace of mind and assurance of diet quality

A major concern for some people when it comes to consuming processed diets is what went into the meal. They might consciously be worried about the ingredients that went into the making of the diets, or maybe even the hygiene standards employed. Such a situation might be common for a parent buying food for their kids. It is also quite common for a person with a particular health condition, which demands picky diets. If such a person had a food processor, they would easily make their meals. Consequently, ensuring that the ingredients going into the meal meet their specific health and nutrition requirements. The person, therefore, gets peace of mind.

Lastly, food processors help in ensuring attractive meals. In as much as having a well-prepared meal is important; how one presents the meal too is of utmost importance. Some processors, for instance, help to slice the foods into equal eye-catching pieces thereby making the food presentation good.

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Welcome to my Blog

Hi there, welcome to Of Light and Shadow, my new blog about everything and nothing actually, this will just be a mixture of things that I come accross in everyday life, focused around products and services I use or work with. I hope you will find something of use here!

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